Friday, March 18, 2016


Seaquake: The Tragedy that Changed Maldives Forever

The night was silent and still. The only noise to be heard was the faint rustling of the trees brushing up against one another.  Little did the people of oceanic Maldives know that somewhere out there in the water something lurked in the waters of the Indian Ocean.
As dawn peeked through the blinds of the city, the towns folks  got off to a normal bustling start. The streets were occupied with paper route bikers to fancy Ferrari’s. As the day settled in 8 year old Colin Lusardi noticed a slight climate change in his calm hometown.
By the final bell, the city had picked up a fierce wind, recognized by many individuals throughout the civilization. This was one of very few wind chills in the tropical climate.
The moon rolled in as the sun disappeared  into the thin clouds. Once more, the village experienced  eerie sounds that drifted through their town.  Mysterious splashing far out in the water, funny noises that could only be deciphered by shrimp boats. These sounds were thought to only be seagulls and birds chirping away, but others faced the facts; it was a storm. And when I say storm I do not mean a measly day of rain showers and thunder, Maldives was about to experience a Seaquake.
June 10, 2116
The day woke with a BOOM and everyone woke to see what had caused the ruckus. In the very least amount of time almost all of the innocent citizens had witnessed it. The ocean; the once calm ocean was blowing up in a way. Every 2 minutes or so, the peaceful ocean blew up a ginormous spray of ocean into the sky. It was like a wave, but it wasn’t,, it was much worse. With each eruption of salt water, schools of fish, big and small were tossed in the air like a rag doll only to topple on each other with tons of impact.
The next night, the normal boats went out with fear almost visible in the air. One curious group of friends; or better known as the crew of the Titan, decided to tape the whole catastrophe.
Splash! Splash! Splash! The water went in all directions as the boat swiveled in the unforgiving sea. It was every fisher’s nightmare. As the Ol’ Titan turned on it’s engine it sounded way worse than usual. As they uncontrollably drifted out to the depths of the ocean, Mr. Jenkins  was getting every horrid second on film.  
12 minutes later
Reel him In! Reel him in! One of the crew members had been thrown over the side of the boat in a huge gust of wind.  But it was no hope, the fisherman had become one of the first victims of the beast that was the ocean. Cries of anguish filled the air as they crew learned more and more about the vicious monster that creeped among them. As they tried to raise the white flag in surrender, a monstrous gust of wind caused a tree branch, (probably thrown out in the ocean by the storm) to puncture the side of the Titan. The sudden impact knocked the vessel to a sloped tilt on it’s axis. The ship struggled to regain it’s balance when the noise of the engine was overpowered by a big roar.  The H2o in front of them practically detonated, causing the cargo and passengers aboard the ship to fly across the deck holding on to the railing for dear life. Mr. Jenkins feared this was the end for him and the Ol’ Titan as he hurled the GoPro as close to shore as possible, as the boat and crew dropped into the icy depths of the Indian Ocean.
July 19, 2136
Colin Lusardi, now 28, was playing with his kids on the beach. “Go Long!”, shouted Colin. The ball soared through the sky like an airplane, way overthrown. As 5 and ½ year old Mikey hustled over to get the overthrown pigskin, he noticed a silver button glistening in the sand. He called over to his Dad and Hudson as they raced over to see the commotion. Hudson was the first to take action. As he quickly uncovered the hidden object he held up a small camera, labeled with the words GoPro. Hudson had started viewing the film when his heart practically stopped. He played the 31 minute video with the date, “June 10, 2116”, and showed it to his dad. His Dad recognized the feared face in an instant. It was the missing fisherman who had bravely gone out on the night of the tragic Seaquake.  Mr. Jenkins brave legacy shall now live on forever, Mr. Lusardi shouted in pride, “This Seaquake is no longer a mystery.”

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