Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Unknown Creature (So Far)

This is one of my first stories not about Bacon and I need a mystical creature for my story. Here is the story so far. Please put the creature suggestions below.
The night was silent and still. The only noise to be heard was the faint rustling of the trees brushing up against one another.  Little did the people of oceanic Maldives know that somewhere out there in the water an unknown creature lurked in the waters of the Mediterranean.
As dawn peeked through the blinds of the city, the towns folks  got off to a normal bustling start. The streets were occupied with paper route bikers to fancy Ferrari’s. As the day settled in 8 year old Colin Lusardi noticed a slight climate change in his calm hometown.
By the final bell, the city had picked up a fierce wind, recognized by many individuals throughout the civilization. This was one of very few wind chills in the tropical climate. The moon rolled in as the sun disappeared;  

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Breakfast Chaos Series

This is my website that I have put so many hours of effort into making. Please go visit it. I almost guarantee you will laugh at some of the stories.
Breakfast Chaos Series